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About Us

My name is Boris Dimitrov and I am the manager of “Boris-Electric”. I graduated from the School of Electrical Engineering and Automation (formerly “SM Kirov”), and majored in “Electrical Equipment of Industrial Enterprises.”

I have over 8 years of experience in all types of electrical services. I have previously worked at the lighting company “Orion”, and for the firms “Elton Trade” and “Elkam-M”. While in their employment, I worked on the complete replacement of the old electrical systems and installation of new electrical systems for the Sofia Opera, Department of Surgery at the Medical Academy, a branch of “Piraeus” Bank, and many residential and office buildings, hotels, restaurants, etc…

I work with quality, professional tools and machines, which contributes to the quality of my services. The electrical materials we use are from the leading manufacturers in electric equipment and supplies, such as Shneider Electric, Legrand, Merlin Gerin, ABB, and Moeller, which guarantees safety and durability of all our electrical installations. Upon request we work with materials of the client’s choice.

I always maintain a clean and organized work site and leave it in perfect condition when I am finished.

From me you will get the best execution of your wishes! I guarantee the safety of my customers. I can offer innovative solutions that keep pace with the latest electrical materials in the market combined tastefully with your home or office decor.

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