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Installation of Electrical Panels

Electrical Panel Installations

Our team specializes in electrical panel installation for residential, industrial and commercial sites. Regardless of the type and complexity of the electrical grid, we are your electrician of choice in Sofia for a safe, headache-free electrical panel installation.

The proper installation of the electrical panel in a building is extremely important because without it nothing works.  If the board is built incorrectly performance of the electrical network will be very poor, with circuit breakers constantly tripping, power surges and burnt contacts.   The professional and quality construction of the electrical panel is almost as important as the construction of the electrical installations in the building because an electrical network without a well-functioning electrical panel is a potential danger to residents. In the electrical panel are all the measuring and monitoring equipment, automatic fuses, automatic protective features and your electric consumption meter.  Putting each of these components in the right place is crucial to the smooth working of the entire electrical system.  We will build your electrical panel in accordance with all Bulgarian and European safety standards, and guarantee your complete satisfaction.   The construction and installation of electrical panels is an extremely responsible task that requires experience, knowledge, skills and specialized equipment.  We possess all of this and confidently can say that leaving the installatin of your electrical panel in our hands, you will have peace of mind knowing that everything will work efficiently and safely.

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