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For Homes

Electrical services for the home

We offer a full range of repairs and installations of the complete electrical system or electrical components in your home or office. With us you can be fully assured that the electricians we send are honest and trustworthy.  Along with this, they will provide the high level of service you have requested and will finish the work on time and with exceptional quality!

When you work with us there are no unpleasant surprises – you will know how much the repairs will cost before we start work.  Even if you need to adjust the final price, everything will be agreed with you beforehand.

Some of our services:

Installation of water heaters
Installation and maintenance of air conditioning equipment
Upgrading of electrical panels
Laying of cables or expanding areas of electrical network
Replacement or installation of contacts
Construction and expansion of the lighting system
Installation of garden and outdoor lighting
Repair of electrical appliances
Installation of intercoms and bells
… And many others.

Is it an Electrical Emergency?

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